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Latest News

CEO salutes 2014 and welcomes 2015

on .

CEO salutes 2014 and welcomes 2015

2014 - the year of blessings
2015 - the year of opportunities...

We stand today at the end of 2014 - and it is with a heart full of emotions that I can truly say that I have had tons of blessings in 2014 - both in CPB and personally.

I have therefor embarked to pay these blessings forward to my staff, partners (I prefer to refer to my clients as partners) as well as to some individuals and organisations that has been brought to my attention.

We are taking the successes of 2014 and are busy building new unique solutions that will continue the legacy we have created to date - by being first to market with solutions that will most definitely make a difference in each of our partners' businesses and lives.

We are looking forward to 2015 and we wish you all a truly happy festive season where we pray that the closeness of your loved ones will keep you happy and fulfilled during this holiday period.

Drive safe and come back to start 2015 with renewed vigour!

Message from the office of the CEO - Marina Short


The last two weeks I did extensive checking of my clients' investments. I rarely do this because when my clients and I have discussions about their investments we always plan for the long-term. Paying attention is important, but doing it in such a manner that blows information out of context is counter productive.

The headlines have been dismal recently: "Time for another market tantrum?"; "What spooked the JSE?"; "An epic battle between bull and bear?"

Every single person tasked with reporting on financial news was sounding the alarm.

This is of course the way all news is reported every day! Every piece of information can be heralded as the greatest thing to ever happen or might signal that the world is about to end. Sometimes the same piece of information can be misconstrued. Weird isn't it?

I always thought of this as being particularly odd. I decided to do a bit of research on comparing day-to-day to long-term growth.

The following is a series of graphs. The data is all the same, only the time frame differs. What they reveal is undeniable. You should ignore the daily ups and downs and rather look for steady growth. The progress over time is the true reflection of success.


The market over 1 day: For a moment I thought it is time to buy baked beans.


The market over 5 days: Wow, this is a bumpy ride!


The stock market over 30 days: Luckily I didn't use my last paycheck to buy a generator and Zombie proof my house.


The market after 1 year: Interesting. The year doesn't look that bad after all. There were some hiccups along the way, but we had a steady increase! Perhaps everything will turn out fine.


The stock market over 5 years: Wow! Very Impressive! I've already forgotten about yesterday's "Epic battle between bulls and bears." Now, what to do with all these tins of chilli baked beans?

JSE-Since 2007

The market since 2007. Well, what do you know? We've done just fine! Someone get the champagne!

You've probably had similar experiences in your life. You made a choice to commit yourself to an idea, a business or a habit. You know the long-term performance is what matters. You will experience a bad day once in a while. There might be so many that it turns out to be a bad month. Likewise, you might have a great day that causes you to think you've cracked it. One day of luck caused you to let your guard down. You are unprepared for the challenges and difficulties that inevitably still lie ahead. Being unprepared, you then give up, wondering what went wrong.

If you let that get to you, it takes your focus away from the real issue: creating something great for the long-term. Keep your eye on the ball! If you're doing something that takes time and dedication, don't distract yourself with what happened yesterday. Instead, look back further. Where did you come from? What sacrifices did you have to make. And make decisions using that information.

Article by Alwyn Smit - Financial Consultant @ ATTOOH

Getting out there to meet the industry

During the months of October and November, we embarked on a national make a difference trip to meet up with the industry and to introduce CPB's offerings to the industry.

CPB attended the 26th ADRA AGM that was hosted on the 8th of October 2014 at the Hathersage House in Somerset West, Cape Town. CPB took part as exhibitor along with other well known exhibitors. The event was opened by Mr. Charl van der Walt, who introduced Adv. Andries Cornelius - supplied news on the Industry Regulator. The two Top speakers at the ADRA AGM were Daniel Silke (World Renowned SA Political Analysist) and Professor (Emeritus) Max M Laubser (Professor at Law, Author and Leading Authority on Prescription of Debt and Practicing Attorney). A detail analysis of prescription in terms of Section 126B of the National Credit Act as amended - dominated the discussion at this year's ADRA AGM event. Professor (Emeritus) Max M Laubser - handled this topic, and also, along with a panel of experts answered and debated questions raised by members. From CPB we would like to congratulate the winner of the Clive Morkel Award - Amanda Oosthuyse

Annual EDC meeting - MFC - Nedbank
CPB was invited as a guest to attend the annual MFC Nedbank event hosted at Tou Trek Park in Genzina, Pretoria on the 3rd of October 2014. This annual event gives Nedbank the opportunity to get all their EDC Panel in the tracing and repossessing market together.

CPB was proud to have the guest speaker of the day - Our well known CEO - Marina Short - to give some insight into the Credit Industry with specific focus on the ever changing regulatory and legislative environment.

The Annual General Meeting of the Law Society of the Northern Province
The Annual General Meeting of the LSNP was held at Sun City from the 7-9th of November. As part of CPB's sponsorship towards the LSNP, CPB also exhibited at the AGM on Saturday the 8th and sponsored the Best Female players of the year for the golf tournament that took place on the 7th at the Lost City Golf course. CPB would like to thank the organisers for yet another successful event.

More on the Law Society of the Northern Provinces
The Law Society of the Northern Provinces (incorporated as the Law Society of the Transvaal), was established during 1892 and is the statutory body governing the attorneys profession in the four provinces constituting the former Transvaal province, i.e. the Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West and Limpopo Provinces. The LSNP has been presented at Sun City for the past 19 years.

Wesbank EDC day
The annual Wesbank EDC day was hosted on Friday the 10th of October 2014, and was held at Tou Trek Park in Genzina, Pretoria. Our well-known CEO Marina Short - known for speaking at various events- was invited as speaker to this event. CPB also attended as exhibitor to the event.

7th Annual ACFE Africa Conference & Exhibition
The 7th Annual ACFE Africa and 16th Annual Fraud conference hosted by the ACFE SA, was held at Sandton Convention Centre from the 6-8 of October 2014. This event is recognized as the largest anti-fraud event in Africa, and second largest in the world. CPB attended the event as exhibitor, where we displayed our products, which aid in combating fraud and corruption.

A brief summary on the ACFE
The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) is an international, professional organization dedicated to fighting fraud and white-collar crime. Our cutting-edge fraud training is designed to educate and prepare anti-fraud practitioners for the challenges they face. ACFE SA is registered by SAQA as a professional body, per the requirements set out in the National Qualifications Framework Act, Act 67 of 2008. Members have to ascribe to our Code of Conduct and Ethics. The ACFE provide Bona Fide qualifications through administration of the CFE Examination which is recognised as a NQF 7 qualification with SAQA. For more information please visit www.acfesa.co.za

FutureSoft held their 5th Annual Debt Collection Convention, from the 9-10 of October. With the convention held on the 9th at the Sorex estate in Centurion and a golf day held on the 10th at Waterkloof Country Club. CPB attended as exhibitor for both days and sponsored a golf hamper towards the longest drive.

This year's top speakers at the FutureSoft Debt collection Convention included Max Du Preez, a well known Author and Columnist, Frans Haupt Director of UP law Clinic, and Lesiba Mashapa Company Secretary of the NCR.

We thank all the industry members and stakeholders that attended our exhibitions and are looking forward to maintaining and creating more relationships in 2015.

CPB Academy - reflection on 2014

It has been a very successful year for CPB. The CPB Academy has taken the opportunity to develop our clients' capabilities and knowledge through industry related training, as presented in the table below.

We are very proud to announce that as CPB has grown, so has our CPB Academy.

Upon completion of our free training, each individual received a certificate for attendance.

Paying it forward

"There can be no greater gift than that of giving one's time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return" - Nelson Rohlihlahla Mandela

We received a gift from the very talented Zoa "Art by Zoa" - she did an awesome painting on Nelson Mandela for our CEO.

We decided to take the blessings we received as a Company during 2014 and to pay it forward.

This year we challenged our staff members by giving each of them R 67 to go and make a difference with an undertaking by Company to reward the winning initiative with a R 5000 contribution to the willing staff member's charity of choice.

The initiatives were overwhelming and the staff went all out to make the most of the R67 and to also invest their time into these projects.

We decided to capture the initiative into our coffee table book and will have this for generations to come.

The winning charity was announced: Chalene - our Marketing Assistant - made the most of her R67 and her chosen charity was Epworth Children Village. They received the R5000 which they will use to transport children home for this upcoming school holiday and for food parcels. A cheque was handed to them on the 12 of December 2014, along with educational stationary and toy donations.